18 Nov 2018

Why Kids Love Obstacle Course Training With The Pros

At Athletika we specialize in training young athletes too! If you have a child looking to improve competitiveness, make the team, take their game to the next level, build the physical framework to prevent injury and maintain long-term health and wellness – we can help them start or continue their journey to awesomeness! Why are we the best wellness option for you and your family?

The Coaches At Athletika Are Pretty Awesome

We love our coaches and you will too! Kids need that extra incentive and voice of reason when it comes to going for the gold. Our coaches make sure that your kids get to the next level and build themselves up within the personal training sessions and obstacle courses at Athletika. We’ll push your children to be their best selves and not go too far out of their comfort zone. If you want to know more about our trainers, click here: http://athletikasports.com/about-us/.

We’re Not About Competing Against Each Other

We don’t actively root against one another on our training courses! We root for the underdog and the champion. Everyone has a different level of physical fitness and limits they have goals to overcome – that’s why Athletika gives you the courage and challenge to do both. We want everyone to have the time of their lives when it comes to training, so you won’t be afraid to come to the gym. From strength and conditioning to speed and agility, restorative performance reset to Olympic weightlifting – we’ve got everything your fitness-loving heart desires.

Girls Do It Too!

We don’t just focus on the boys! We want the girls to hit their peak performance too. We want you to throw like a girl. One who has been trained and coached at our facility only to be the best and on top of her game. We really strive to make sure that all strength training is brought with an equal focus and doesn’t discriminate on gender or gender ability. We really push people in their individual ability and strive to help them grow stronger one obstacle course and personal training session at a time.

We Like To Change Things Up

There’s never a dull moment at a ninja warrior gym for kids at Athletika Sports and Fitness Livonia Michigan! We like to mix it up and change courses. When your body gets used to the same exercise like running on a treadmill or swimming laps, your muscles aren’t being challenged. That’s where we come in to play! We’ll have your muscles going on a wild adventure in fitness training no matter what your goal is when it comes to you or the kids.

When it all comes down to it, our ninja warrior gym for kids obstacle courses are fun! We have the best time ever, and so will you! We take the boring out of going to the gym and put the fun back into getting fit. Whether you want to tighten, tone, or bulk up we have a program that will pique your interest, so check us out here www.athletikasports.com today!


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