The Best Shoes To Own It On The Ninja Warrior Training Course

There’s a lot of debate surrounding fitness shoes and which ones are best for various workouts. You’ve got running shoes, flat soles, low tops, ninja boot and rubber souls. So which ones give you the best support when weight lifting or running and obstacle course? Below are some of the best shoes you can start wearing to own it on the obstacle course and get in the best shape of your life.

Cross Trainer Shoes

These shoes are great for those that want to get their ninja training on and lift weights! You’ll get just enough support for your heel to really dig in deep when you’re doing over/unders, quintuple sets, and devil steps. These shoes can also help support balance and body weight distribution when you are lifting and using your body to really push your muscles to the limit. You can find cross trainer shoes here:

Flat Sole Shoes

If you are looking for something to help you get your deadlift on, the Iron Tanks Titan II Phantom Black Gym Weightlifting Bodybuilding Deadlift Squat Shoe – Flat Sole might be the shoe for you. This shoe is ergonomically designed for specifically for gym use. This makes this shoe perfect for deadlifts, squats, and climbing thanks to its sleek design. You can find them from the manufacturer or on Amazon.


Rubber Shoes

Rubber soled shoes are great for those who love to Ninja Warrior Train with the best of the best. These shoes give you great balance and traction when it comes to being sleek on the course. Great for agility training, we found some great selections on Amazon when it comes to CrossFit rubber-soled shoes. When you’re the kind of person who likes to shake things up, these shoes can help you hit your goals. You can read more here:

Low Tops

Some people don’t like a high top but still, want a breathable shoe. In that case, you should check out the mesh low top sneakers here: You’ll still be able to get your Ninja Warrior on and hang with the big dogs on the nets and walls. Your feet will also be able to breathe keeping your focus on finishing the course and not on how hot you are! Low tops are great for those who like a whole range of motion in their lower leg and will help you feel less constricted on the obstacle course.

Want more awesome ways to own it on the obstacle course? Check out all we have to offer at our sport’s training complex here: We’ve got amazing obstacle course advice, summer camps, field events, corporate events, and so much more! When you’re ready to shake things up and get your ninja warrior on, give us a call or stop by – we’ve got you covered for all things sport and fitness!

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