School and Group Events

Activity Nights

Athletika Sports and Fitness is committed to supporting our community by partnering with local organizations.  We offer unique and challenging activity nights for schools and groups, giving you the chance to experience our Ninja Warrior Training! Activity Nights are 2 hours long, include a variety of activities, and can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Athletika Sports and Fitness aims to:

  • Make exercise fun and exciting
  • Commitment to health and wellness
  • Provide sports training for athletes of all ages
  • Create a family-friendly environment

Book your activity night now!

Email us to learning more about planning an activity night or other fundraising activity at our Ninja Warrior Training gym.

Field Trips

Athletika Field Trips are both FUN and EDUCATIONAL! We design each visit to incorporate classroom topics with our unique and challenging activities. All field trips are customizable and can include topics such as physical education, fitness, nutrition, entrepreneurship, or basic business concepts.

Students and chaperones should bring their own food, drinks, and snacks. No cost for chaperones.

Image of kids playing sports