Ninja Warrior Course

Obstacle Course Racing

Athletika Sports and Fitness offers three American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle courses for all ages and fitness levels. Whether your an aspiring ninja warrior, fan, athlete or purely a thrill seeker you can test your skill on our beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses. 

Challenge yourself on obstacle favorites including warped walls, the salmon ladder, floating stairs, ring traverse, and many more!

Please feel free to drop-in individually or with a group. Always make sure to call in ahead of time to confirm availability!

Meet the obstacle course at Athletika Sports and Fitness

Level One- Beginner

The beginner course is a low impact six element course featuring an excellent starting point to begin your journey to conquering all of our obstacle courses.  The course layout is V steps, over/under, traverse wall, sea of swings, trampoline to 10 foot cargo net climb, and an eight foot warped wall.

Level Two- Intermediate

The intermediate course is a six element course designed to challenge participants immediately with a variety of American Ninja Warrior styles obstacle elements. The course layout is quintuple steps, ring traverse, hanging dog bone grips, sea of swings, devil steps, and trapeze to 12 foot cargo net.

Level Three- Advanced

The advanced course is a six element course designed bring out the competitive nature of both athletes and thrill seekers with some of the most infamous American Ninja Warrior styles obstacle elements. The course layout is modified quintuple steps, globe grasp, salmon ladder to hanging balls, peg board, giant cliffhanger, and 12 foot warped wall.

Challenge Yourself

If you are in Livonia or the Metro Detroit Area and have questions about our obstacle course drop-in, classes, party/rental options, or obstacle/tactical training programs, please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!