Camp Athletika

Athletika Sports and Fitness offers half day, full day, and week-long camps. Each day is designed to include both physical and mental activities.

The goal of every camp session is to include a combination of both structured events and free play opportunities. The desired outcome of that goal is to provide each camper with the most entertaining experience by supporting a daily routine of exercise, stimulation of mental capabilities, and expand their depth of knowledge through new experiences.

Please contact us for more information on specific dates and weekly breakdowns of activities.

Half day session times:

Full day session time:

Full week session time:

9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm


5 full days

$40 per session

$60 per day

$250 per week

Activity Breakdown

Physical Activities

  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Sports (football, whiffle ball, futsal, and more…)
  • Games (tag, hide and seek, Nerf battles, Lazer Tag, and more…)
  • Skill Challenges (target practice with soft arrows, Nerf guns, and thrown items)
  • Sports, games, and skill challenges designed and created by campers/counselors
  • Stunt person training
  • Hip Hop Dance training

Mental Activities

  • Diorama design and construction
  • Lego building
  • Traditional games of skill including backgammon, checkers, and chess
  • Military games of skill including Stratego, Risk, and Axis and Allies
  • Board games including Monopoly, Clue, and Chutes and Ladders

Nerf and Laser Tag attacks

Specialty Activities

Athletika LiveCraft

Allows campers to build their own community in the Nerf battlefield including:

  • Creating a currency, earning money, and bartering for supplies and resources
  • Designing and decorating their own buildings/structures
  • Set rules for conflict resolution, land acquisition, and battlefield etiquette
  • Defending their buildings against Nerf and Lazer Tag attacks


Drone Racing

  • Design a course, become familiar with the controls, and race drones supplied by Athletika


Video Production and Film Making

  • Writing scripts for short films and commercials
  • Acting and Producing short films and commercials

Please contact us immediately to schedule your child's date and times.

Early drop off/late pick up $10 per hour (arrangements must be made prior to confirm availability).

Ask about multiple week and child discounts available.