Young Ninja Warrior Classes

Our Young Ninja Warrior Class is a great way for kids 12 and under to have fun and keep active. Each training class provides a high energy and continuous movement program to improve your child’s speed, agility, strength, and conditioning including fun and games.


Speed and Agility Classes

10U Speed and Agility Class

 Our 10U speed and agility classes are a great way for any young athlete to gain new skills and start a level ahead of the competition. We start with the basics in our warm-up. As we progress the training session, we focus on intricate speed drills designed to elicit the proper running technique and form. We include strength training designed specifically for kids, focusing on body weight exercises and core strength. To top it off we play competitive games, which the kids love!

18U Speed and Agility Class

Our 18U speed and agility class is the next step for an athlete to take to continue improving and stay above the competition.  We work on the skills necessary to improve running technique and form in the warm-up and progress it to more complicated and complex speed drills through the session. Each athlete has a hand written strength-training card based on their ability level and age. High school age athletes will be doing more complex exercises and the middle school athletes have to work their way up using a progression mastery system before they can move on to more complicated exercises.

Make a Change Bootcamp

Make a Change Bootcamp is an adult group training class designed around total body workouts. Each workout has a theme, such as circuit day or weights day. Make a Change Bootcamp has created a family-like culture where everyone is able to get to know and support each other.

Waking up early isn’t easy but we keep each other accountable to show up to every workout. At the end of the day Make a Change Bootcamp is fun, challenging and motivating!

Adult Functional Training

Functional training is an adult class, centered on helping individuals move and feel better. We focus on squatting, hinging, pressing and pulling while strength training.

Body weight cardio is a staple for the class to burn calories to lose that excess weight. When thinking about “functional training” think about “primal movements”. We want our members to move freely without restrictions to live a long healthy and happy life with the training they learn from the class.


Personal Training

Personal training gives you the opportunity to train one on one with our professional trainers. Blake and Nate have been in the trenches at the highest levels and continually educate themselves to bring you the best training session possible. Each session is tailored towards your goals and progress to keep you reaching new heights every week!

Team Training

Team training is the best value we have for training athletes. Coach Nate writes up every workout specifically designed for your sport and team. Sessions are 60 minutes long. The primary emphasis is on speed work and footwork. Sessions will also focus on strength training and conditioning.

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